Don't let your kids wad in flood water

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TOX DOC TIPS: Avoid nasty FLOOD WATERS - drinking or wading in it!
1. Flood waters contain a mixture of biological (viruses, bodily fluids, animal droppings/wastes/fluids, fungus, soil pathogens, etc) and chemical contaminants (oils, gasoline, -cides, coolants, etc). Even if you do not have large open wounds - these contaminated waters can still make you sick. Use wading boots, suits if you must enter flood water.
2. Skin diseases and infections occur from wading in flood water - Bacterial & fungal skin infections are most common. Infectious dermatoses (skin disease) is also common after wading in flood waters. SEE PHOTO: Skin lesions during Hurricane Katrina caused by Vibrio vulnificus. (Photo credit - Logical Images, Inc 2005) (Feet Image: The Daily Star - 8/6/16)
3. The water also has sharps (various objects with sharp edges) that can tear into your skin - you may not see them in the dirty flood waters.
4. Immersion foot/Trench foot - inflammation of skin that stays submerged for long periods.
5. Cuts in dirty water can also be very dangerous/deadly - staphylococcus & other bacterial infections. Clean yourself thoroughly if you have been in flood water.
6. Bottom line: waterborne diseases can be deadly! Stay out if flood waters if you can!

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