Post-Flood House Management Tips

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1) as soon as the water recedes, immediately cut out all of your sheet rock and insulation 4 inches above the highest watermark all around your home
2) save everything that you cut out and keep it in plastic bags filled up for the insurance adjuster to see when they come over
3) rip out any affected carpeting and padding and again keep it in a garage patio, wherever for the insurance adjuster to see, the more bagged up you can keep it, the better
4) within 24 hours of the water receding and all of the sheet rock being cut out, take a mixture of one part pure Clorox and one part water and mix it into a sprayer
5) spray all of your walls and affected areas inside and out with this mixture. Once the first coat dries, sprayed again and again. The Clorox will kill the mold and mildew which is especially important hot and humid Houston and prevent it from growing up your wall and causing further damage
6) take tons of pictures before you do all this and tons of pictures afterwords to show all the work you've done
7) as soon as you have power get a wet dry vac and sop up as much water as you can from all areas and then keep fans blowing on the affected areas as much as possible. If you can get your hands on a dehumidifier, use it!
😎 if you have lost power for any substantial amount of time, toss all food in your fridge and freezer as soon as possible, The sooner the better because the smell gets horrible
Prayers and good luck!

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